Collaboration is Key, Conversation is Necessary.

Who We Are and What We Do!

  • A well organized community of artists that teach and demonstrate aspects of cultural expression through our art.
  • We, the collective, should work together to have an overall agenda and help artists sell their work. We provide education within the collective.
  • We do not practice racism or sexism.
  • This is not a single voice community.
  • We get jobs for artists and performers alike while producing art that fosters freedom of expression and speech.
  • We commit to the push for social reform and demonstrate equitable sustainability. We exemplify each other in all areas of creativity.
  • We Make art that doesn’t rely on, white supremacy or capitalism to exist.  
  • We Create art that articulates the realities of living in an unjust society.
  • We Create art that envisions liberty for the unjust. At all times we Dismiss the parameters of defining creativity.
  • Be a gangsta. Not the kind that abuses the community and those in it. When the time comes, help organize art shows and mural projects in your hood.
  • Be an artist that dismantles stereotypes.