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Kiss My Black Arts Collective (KMBA) exists to help artists take their creativity to the next level economically. Currently, we create social economics through mural projects, art shows, creative discourse projects and our collective website. We encourage participation and collaboration amongst our members, local artists, and community leaders to meet our common goals through jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprises.

We also have our own studio and gallery in Oakland, California in which we feature member’s art every month as space permits. Each artist’s work is also submitted to our large network of interior designers, showroom owners, architects and retail stores across the country, all while taking an agreed percentage of the sales price. We also encourage our members to organize exhibits or creative projects with support of the collective members, to help each other sell art, attend KMBA art parties/meetings, and always position their art to be their primary source of income.


As artists, we make things! Together, we make things happen!

Members of KMBA will be able to:

1. Have access to studio/gallery space.

2.  Come to the studio and access art supplies during their creative process.

3.  Take advantage of professional development & workshops.

4. Have opportunities to sell and exhibit original artwork monthly.

5. Resell KMBA merchandise for 50% profit. 

If you would like to work with KMBA collectively on a project feel free to reach us by email: kissmyblackarts@gmail.com


Collaboration is Key, Conversation is Necessary.